A poesia não pede perdão

Verse in English from Tudor and Stuart Ireland

The poets who wrote these verses, otherwise unknown men and women from the worlds of the Old English and native Irish, or visitors or settlers newly arrived from England, emerge from the pages of this book as sardonic observers of the …

Euripides, 3: Alcestis, Daughters of Troy, The Phoenician …

Euripides, ‎David R. Slavitt, ‎Smith Palmer Bovie – 1998 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

What man would murder his daughter to help a fleet get out to sea, or give his wife over to death in his stead? The tragedies in this Penn Greek Drama Series volume are filled with such dramatic conflicts.

Counterfeit money:

At stake in his reading of the tale, to which the second half of this book is devoted, are the conditions of gift and forgiveness as essentially bound up with the movement of dissemination, a concept that Derrida has been working out for …

Baudelaire in Russia

Adrian Wanner – 1996 – ‎Vista previa

This book analyzes Baudelaire’s reception in Russia from 1852 (the date of the first Russian translation of his work) to the end of the Soviet era in 1991.

Early Poems

Rich selection of 134 poems published between 1889 and 1914: “Lake Isle of Innisfree,” “When You Are Old,” “Down by the Salley Gardens,” “The Stolen Child,” “Fergus and the Druid,” “To the Rose upon the Rood of Time,” “The Song of Wandering …

Suffering and the Beneficent Community: Beyond Libertarianism

In The Abyss Above, Silke-Maria Weineck offers the first sustained discussion of the relationship between poetic madness and philosophy.

Love: Poems

In essence, this book covers fifteen years of my life, and a handful of precious people who mean, and have meant everything to me. This book is written for them. With much love, d.s. From the Paperback edition.

Kronos Visions of Color and Time

Jerry D. Glass was quite young when he wrote the poems in this book.

Cherry Blossom Epiphany: The Poetry and Philosophy of a …

Additional to the sub-title, this is a selection, translation and lengthy explication of 3000 haiku, waka, senryu and kyoka about a major theme from I.P.O.O.H. (In Praise Of Olde Haiku).If the solemn yet happy New Year?s is the most …

Beautiful Enemies: Friendship and Postwar American Poetry

By focusing on the work and interrelations of some of the most important and influential postmodernist American poets, this work offers a new interpretation of the peculiar dynamics of American avant-garde poetic communities as it tells the …


Extraordinarily influential treatise on fine art contains seminal ideas on nature of drama, tragedy, poetry, music and more. Catharsis, tragic flaw, unities of time and place, other concepts.

The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems

The collected poems of one of the world’s greatest living writers, Tomas Transtromer, available in this comprehensive edition.

Chapman’s Homer: The Iliad – Volumen 1

This volume presents the original 1611 text of George Chapman’s translation, tapping into the poetic consonance between the semi-divine heroism of the “Iliad”‘s warriors and the cosmological symbols of Renaissance humanism.

Coleridge’s Imagination: Essays in Memory of Pete Laver

This volume, dedicated to the memory of Peter Laver, explores the tension in Coleridge’s theory and practice between the Imagination and the Natural.

A Suit of Nettles

There are some ambitious satirical wallops at the English critical school headed by F. R. Leavis, at philosophy, progressive education and Canadian history. Here is a poet who believes in merry invective.

The San Francisco Renaissance: Poetics and Community at …

In his study of these various impulses Michael Davidson devotes chapters to central figures such as Kenneth Rexroth, Robert Duncan, William Everson, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Michael McClure, Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, and Jack Spicer.

Seeing in the Dark: The Poetry of Phyllis Webb

Pauline Butling offers important new ways of reading one of Canada’s finest poets. Seeing in the Dark is essential introductory material for the general reader and provides provocative penetrating analysis for literary scholars.

The Poems of Catullus

This is a labor of love which makes Catullus accessible to the Latinless reader and more familiar to those who can read Latin.

The Classics in Paraphrase: Ezra Pound and Modern …

Bringing together translation theory and literary history, this volume conveys how Pound in his influential and controversial Homage to Sextus Propertius enriched the art of translation.

The Prelude: The Four Texts (1798, 1799, 1805, 1850)

William Wordsworth, ‎Jonathan Wordsworth – 2004 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

First published in July 1850, shortly after Wordsworth’s death, The Prelude was the culmination of over fifty years of creative work.

Poetry Writing Handbook: Definitions, Examples, Lessons

Written by a master teacher, author, educator, and poet, this is the how-to poetry book you’ve been looking for!

Ovid’s Lovers: Desire, Difference and the Poetic Imagination

Compelling investigation of the question of the male/female relationship, which is central to Ovid’s works.

The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers

It derives from the monumental five-volume The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (Stanford, 1988-2000), edited by Tim Hunt, and includes a sampling of the poems Jeffers left unpublished, along with several prose pieces in which he …

The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry

The outlandish and often controversial verse of bohemians, beatniks, hippies, punks, slackers, and other social malcontents is collected in this unique primer of the dispossessed, including the poetry of Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac …

金山歌集: Cantonese Rhymes from San Francisco Chinatown

Marlon K. Hom – 1987 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Marlon Hom has selected and translated 220 rhymes from two collections of Chinatown songs published in 1911 and 1915.

Signets: Reading – Volumen 4

Signets is an essential resource for those interested in H. D., modernism, and feminist criticism and writing. Signets brings together the best essays on H. D. (Hilda Doolittle).

Collected Poems

Gathered in this volume readers will find more than fifty years of poems by the incomparable Jack Gilbert, from his Yale Younger Poets prize-winning volume to glorious late poems, including a section of previously uncollected work.

The Art of the Sonnet

Collects one hundred sonnets and commentaries that highlight the history of the sonnet.

Beowulf: An Imitative Translation

A modern translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem, attempts to portray the alliteration and rhythm of the original

Heroides: Select Epistles

Ovid, ‎Peter E. Knox – 1995 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

A commentary on seven of Ovid’s twenty-one epistles in elegiac verse.

Pound/Cummings: The Correspondence of Ezra Pound and E.E. …

Collects all of the letters from this important friendship in the history of modern poetry.

Stray Birds

Stray Birds is a collection of words and thoughts by poet and author Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore is known widely as the first Nobel laureate from Asia and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.

Of Reynaert the Fox: Text and Facing Translation of the …

A. Th Bouwman, ‎Bart Besamusca – 2009 – ‎Vista completa

This charmingly volume is the first bilingual edition of the tale, featuring facing pages with an English translation by Thea Summerfield, making the undisputed masterpiece of medieval Dutch literature accessible to a wide international …

Complete Poetry and Prose: A Bilingual Edition

The first complete bilingual edition of this singular and broad-ranging female author, Complete Poetry and Prose also features the only translations of Labé’s sonnets to follow the exacting rhyme patterns of the originals and the first …

Biographia Literaria: Or Biographical Sketches of My …

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ‎James Engell, ‎Walter Jackson Bate – 1984 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

The British poet states his belief in that philosophy is the basis of criticism

Description in Classical Arabic Poetry: Waòsf, Ekphrasis, …

Akiko Motoyoshi Sumi – 2004 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

This work deals with “wasf” or description which is one of the salient characteristics of the “qasidah” (classical Arabic poetry) tradition.

Collected Poems 1947-1997

Enriching this book are illustrations by Ginsberg’s artist friends; unusual and illuminating notes to the poems, inimitably prepared by the poet himself; extensive indexes; as well as prefaces and various other materials that accompanied …

Robert Frost: An Adventure In Poetry, 1900-1918

In this volume, Lesley Lee Francis, granddaughter of Robert Frost, brings to life the Frost family’s idyllic early years.

Hesiod: Testimonia

Hesiod, ‎Glenn W. Most – 2006 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

The two extant poems of Hesiod (eighth or seventh century BCE) are “Theogony,” in which he charts the history of the divine world, and “Works and Days,” in which he delivers moral precepts and practical advice for the world of men.

Poetry Therapy: Theory and Practice

Building on the American Psychological Association tradition of combining the arts and psychology, this book addresses the therapeutic aspects of clinical use of metaphor, narrative, journal writing, story telling, bibliotherapy, poetry and …


Beowulf, ‎R. K. Gordon – 1992 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Finest heroic poem in Old English celebrates character and exploits of Beowulf, a young nobleman of the Geats, a people of southern Sweden.

Manuscript, Print, and the English Renaissance Lyric

In this ground-breaking historical and cultural study of sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century lyric poetry, Marotti examines the interrelationship between the two systems of literary transmission and shows how in England manuscript and …

Starting from San Francisco

A collection of poems resulting from Ferlinghetti’s travels in South America and Europe

A Brave New Quest: 100 Modern Turkish Poems

A representative selection of modern Turkish poems that conveys in faithful translations the full spectrum of Turkish emotions, humor, intellectual explorations, joys, and agonies.

Chemical Warfare: A Study in Restraints

Frederic Joseph Brown – 2005 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

The organization of the book into three parts reflects the importance of battlefield experiences during the First World War and of international political restraints as they evolved during the interwar years and culminated in “no first use” …

Opera Aperta

Umberto Eco – 1989 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

This book remains significant for its powerful concept of “openness”–the artist’s decision to leave arrangements of some constituents of a work to the public or to chance–and for its striking anticipation of two major themes of …

Rhythm, Illusion and the Poetic Idea: Baudelaire, Rimbaud, …

David Evans – 2004 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

The volume is of interest to all students and readers of Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Mallarmé, since here is presented for the first time a thorough comparative study of developments in each writer’s poetic form and theory, focusing on the …

Wordsworth’s Vagrant Muse: Poetry, Poverty, and Power

This book analyzes how a few key poems from Wordsworth’s early years constitute a direct engagement with and intervention into the politics of poverty and reform that swept the social, political, and cultural landscape in England during the …


Dante – 2013 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

A bilingual text, classic illustrations by Gustave Doré, an appendix that reproduces Dante’s key sources, and other features make this the definitive edition of Dante’s ultimate masterwork. From the Trade Paperback edition.

House of Light

Mary Oliver – 2012 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Winner of a 1991 Christopher Award Winner of the 1991 Boston Globe Lawrence L. Winship Book Award This collection of poems by Mary Oliver once again invites the reader to step across the threshold of ordinary life into a world of natural …


Ovid, ‎Rolfe Humphries – 1955 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

The romantic poet of ancient Rome expresses his passion for life in poems that explore the diverse aspects of love

Paris Spleen: 1869

Baudelaire composed the series of prose poems known as Paris Spleen between 1855 and his death in 1867.

Ethics and Dialogue: In the Works of Levinas, Bakhtin, …

Michael Eskin – 2000 – ‎Vista previa

For those who think of Bakhtin only as the theorist of the novel, and Levinas as a Rabbi and philosopher, this book everywhere upsets neat categorisation and offers a powerful apology for a creative ethics of the word.

Red Suitcase: Poems

A collection of poems focusing on the details of daily life in Palestine, with letter-writing as a common thread throughout the poems

Patriotism and Poetry in Eighteenth-Century Britain

The poetry of the mid- and late-eighteenth century has long been regarded as primarily private and apolitical; in this wide-ranging study Dustin Griffin argues that in fact the poets of the period were addressing the great issues of …

Fleurs Du Mal Et Oeuvres Choisies:

This edition combines “Flowers of Evil” with a selection of the poet’s other significant compositions, including prose poems from “Spleen of Paris”, a poignant collection reflecting Baudelaire’s pessimism towards the teeming city and his …

P. Papini Stati Thebaidos Libri XII:

This is a reprint of a 1983 edition of Statius’ “Thebaid,” It includes a list of corrections which have come to light since then. The edition establishes a text based on a full account of all important suggestions published before 1980.

Mallarmé: The Poet and His Circle

Rosemary Lloyd has produced a fascinating literary biography of the poet and his period, offering a subtle exploration of the mind and letters of one of the giants of modern European poetry.Every Tuesday, from the late 1870s on, Mallarmé …

The Passion of Meter: A Study of Wordsworth’s Metrical Art

This is a study of Wordsworth’s metrical theory and his practice in the art of versification.

Book of My Nights: Poems

The long-awaited new poetry collection from one of the world’s most acclaimed young poets.

Jewish American Poetry: Poems, Commentary, and Reflections

In the second half of the book, ten wide-ranging essays on the history and scope of Jewish American poetry offer an unprecedented guide to its Yiddish and Sephardic heritage, its distinctive poetics of commentary, its Kabbalists, its …

Great Short Poems

Paul Negri – 2000 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Outstanding anthology features more than 150 English and American masterpieces spanning over 400 years.

The Beforelife

Here is one of the poems from the collection: Description of Her Eyes Two teaspoonfuls, and my mind goes everyone can kiss my ass now– then it’s changed, I change my mind. Eyes so sad, and infinitely kind. From the Hardcover edition.

Essay on Man and Other Poems

Includes the title poem about the nature of the universe and mankind’s place in it, as well as such writings as “The Rape Of The Lock” and “Ode On Solitude.”

T. S. Eliot and the Ideology of Four Quartets

Professor Cooper shows how Eliot deliberately addressed a North Atlantic ‘mandarinate’ fearful of social disintegration during the politically turbulent 1930s.

Best Remembered Poems

The 126 poems in this superb collection of 19th- and 20th-century British and American verse range from the impassioned “Renascence” of Edna St. Vincent Millay to Edward Lear’s whimsical “The Owl and the Pussycat.”nbsp; Famous poets such as …

Rose: Poems

Table of Contents I.EpistleThe GiftPersimmonsThe Weight Of SweetnessFrom BlossomsDreaming Of HairEarly In The MorningWaterFalling: The CodeNocturneMy IndigoIrisesEating AloneII.Always A RoseIII.Eating TogetherI Ask My Mother To SingAsh, …

Statius and Virgil: The Thebaid and the Reinterpretation …

This 2007 book argues that the Thebaid reworks themes, scenes, and ideas from Virgil in order to show that the Aeneid’s representation of monarchy is inadequate.

The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara

Frank O’Hara, ‎Donald Allen – 1995 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Available for the first time in paperback, The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara reflects the poet’s growth as an artist from the earliest dazzling, experimental verses that he began writing in the late 1940s to the years before his …

Obdurate Brilliance: Exteriority and the Modern Long Poem

Peter Baker – 1991 – ‎Vista previa

Working from a broad knowledge of modern poetry, Baker proposes an original interpretation of the long poem based on the notion of exteriority.

Discovering Patterns in Mathematics and Poetry

What role does analogy play in mathematical discovery and poetic expression? The book will be of special interest to readers who enjoy looking for connections across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The Arts of Love: Five Studies in the Discourse of Roman …

An examination of the love elegies of the Roman poets Tibullus, Propertius and Ovid.

Wallace Stevens: The Poems of Our Climate

This dazzling book is at once an indispensable guide to Stevens’s poetic canon and a significant addition to the literature on the American Romantic movement.

Fuel: Poems

A collection of poems that celebrates and supports the innocence of youth

Great Poems by American Women: An Anthology

Presents over two hundred poems written by American women poets, drawn from a period that ranges from the colonial era through the twentieth century.

God’s Silence

In this luminous new collection of poems, Franz Wright expands on the spiritual joy he found in his Pulitzer Prize-winning Walking to Martha’s Vineyard.

Dante and Medieval Latin Traditions

Peter Dronke is one of the most eminent scholars of medieval literature, and in this new book he illustrates a number of ways in which medieval Latin traditions can help us to understand Dante’s great poem, The Divine Comedy.

Divine Comedy Wc

Alighieri Dante – 1993 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

A new blank verse translation of Dante’s epic, complete with an authoritative Introduction, diagrams, maps, and notes. This story begins in a shadowed forest on Good Friday in the year of our Lord 1300.


William Carlos Williams, ‎Christopher John MacGowan – 1995 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Long recognized as a masterpiece of modern American poetry, WIlliam Carlos Williams’ Paterson is one man’s testament and vision, “a humanist manifesto enacted in five books, a grammar to help us life” (Denis Donoghue).

Shakespeare’s Sonnets: With Three Hundred Years of Commentary

William Shakespeare, ‎Carl D. Atkins – 2007 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

This is a collection of the scholarship of dozens of commentators who have written about Shakespeare’s sonnets over the past 300 years. The text details how the poems work and how they may be interpreted.

Kāma’s Flowers: Nature in Hindi Poetry and Criticism, …

Explores the transformation of Hindi poetry as it reflects a changing society during the period from 1885 to 1925.

365 Quotes and Other Things I Live By

P.W. Imel – 2010 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

This book is a collection of quotes and just daily thought’s I live by, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope somewhere you can look and say I see what he meant when he wrote that. 365 quote’s and other …

Ravishing DisUnities: Real Ghazals in English

Agha Shahid Ali – 2000 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

A collection of ghazals, a traditional Arabic form of poetry, by over one hundred poets including William Matthews, Diane Ackerman, and Paul Muldoon.

Paul Klee

First scholarly monograph devoted to Klee’s poetry illuminates the reciprocity of poetry and painting in Klee’s creative world and in early modernism.


His “Two Books of Hendecasyllables,” given the subtitle “Baiae,” are the elegant offspring of Pontano’s leisure, written to celebrate love, good wine, friendship, nature, and all the pleasures of life to be found at the seaside resort of …

Claims for Poetry

Donald Hall – 1982 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

A collection of essays by contemporary American poets on the subject of their art

Madwomen: The “Locas mujeres” Poems of Gabriela Mistral, a …

This groundbreaking collection presents poems from Mistral’s final published volume as well as new editions of posthumous work, featuring the first English-language appearance of many essential poems.

Milton and Religious Controversy: Satire and Polemic in …

John N. King – 2000 – ‎Vista previa

A study of Milton’s epic in the context of religious debate and visual satire, first published in 2000.

Discovering Poetry

Denise Scott, ‎Sue Stewart – 1993 – ‎Vista previa

Activities such as discussions, games and performances help students understand the meaning, form and language of poetry and reinforce the main message of the book – that poetry is fun

Milton: Paradise Lost

This volume offers an accessible and stimulating introduction to one of the most influential texts of western literature.

The Tyranny of Heaven: Milton’s Rejection of God as King

The Tyranny of Heaven argues for a new way of reading the figure of Milton’s God, contending that Milton rejects kings on earth and in heaven.

The Canterbury Tales

The 14th-century pilgrims represent a range of philosophies, professions, and temperaments, and their vivid, realistic characterizations assured the Tales an instant and enduring success.

Reorientations: Arabic and Persian Poetry

Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych – 1994 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Employing contemporary literary theory, eight members of the “Chicago school” of Arabic and Persian literature reorient the critical approach to classical Middle Eastern literature.

The Waste Land, Prufrock, and Other Poems

A superb collection of 25 works features the poet’s masterpiece, “The Waste Land”; the complete Prufrock (“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” “Portrait of a Lady,” “Rhapsody on a Windy Night,” “Mr. Apollinax,” “Morning at the Window,” …

Rimas y Leyendas

Compendio de poemas pertenecientes al periodo del romanticismo en la literatura española.

The Art of Chinese Poetry

He provides a succinct survey of Chinese poetry theory and concludes with his own view of poetry, based upon traditional Chinese concepts. “[This] books should be read by all those interested in Chinese poetry.”—Achilles Fang, Poetry …

Theogony / Works and Days

Hesiod – 2012 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

“Theogony” adapts Hesiod’s two great poems that paved the way for subsequent achievements of Greek philosophy, most notably of Plato.

Classical and Christian Ideas in English Renaissance …

Since publication in 1979 Isabel Rivers’ sourcebook has established itself as the essential guide to English Renaissance poetry.

Crone’s Book of Charms and Spells

These are ideal if you are a solitary Wiccan, but can also be adapted for group work. No matter your magical skill level, from beginner to advanced, you can use this book.

Book of Mercy

Now beautifully repackaged, the poems in Book of Mercy brim with praise, despair, anger, doubt and trust.

More! Phonics Through Poetry: Teaching Phoenemic Awareness …

This poetry collection is meant to be read aloud so that children hear a particular language sound again and again in word after word, all within an enticing and meaningful context–P. [4] of cover.

Butterfly Mother: Miao (Hmong) Creation Epics from …

Mark Bender – 2006 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

One of the major figures in one series of the songs is Butterfly Mother (Mai Bang), a personified butterfly who lays the eggs that eventually lead to the creation of the local peoples.

Silence in the Snowy Fields: Poems

Robert Bly – 1962 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Poems deal with such subjects as silence, sleep, moonlight, and snow ‘Robert Bly writes of silence, sleep, moonlight and snow in Minnesota.

Horace: Epodes and Odes

This fully annotated Latin edition of Horace’s “Epodes,” “Odes,” and “Carmen””Saeculare” is the first comprehensive English commentary on these works since 1903.

Poetry of Mourning: The Modern Elegy from Hardy to Heaney

This book will be of interest to anyone concerned with the psychology of mourning or the history of modern poetry. “Consists of full, intelligent and lucid exposition and close reading. . .

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics

Roland Greene, ‎Stephen Cushman, ‎Clare Cavanagh – 2012 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Rev. ed. of: The Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics / Alex Preminger and T.V.F. Brogan, co-editors; Frank J. Warnke, O.B. Hardison, Jr., and Earl Miner, associate editors. 1993.

Romantic Poetry: Recent Revisionary Criticism

It should replace the last anthology of essays on romantic poetry, which appeared almost twenty years ago when few women wrote about these poets, and gender studies of literature had barely begun.

Ars Amatoria – Libro 3

Ovid, ‎Roy K. Gibson – 2003 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

First full-scale commentary emphasising the poem’s didactic elements and its treatment of women.

The Aeneid: An Epic Poem of Rome

“This translation with its admirable projection of the various moods throughout the poem can be recommended to both classicist and non-classicist.” —The Classical World “Of all the editions of the Aeneid in English, [this] volume should …

Toward Robert Frost: The Reader and the Poet

Commenting at length on a number of individual poems, Oster ranges in her discussion from the ways in which the poet dramatizes the inadequacy of the self alone to the manner in which he “reads” the Book of Genesis or the writing of Emerson …

The Colossus: and Other Poems

With this startling, exhilarating book of poems, which was first published in 1960, Sylvia Plath burst into literature with spectacular force.

Collected Poems

A collection of authentic, profound and beautiful poems.

Sonnets for Michelangelo: A Bilingual Edition

This book presents for the very first time a body of Colonna’s verse that reveals much about her poetic aims and outlook, while also casting new light on one of the most famous friendships of the age.

The Little Magazine Others and the Renovation of Modern …

This book is an important contribution to the fields of American poetry and poetics, gender studies, queer theory, and cultural studies.


The Prophet represents the acme of Kahlil Gibran’s achievement.

The American Sublime

Mary Arensberg – 1986 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Beginning with the sublime politics of Emerson and ending with women poets who renounce the authority of gender, The American Sublime represents the various modes of recent critical thinking.

Irish Verse: An Anthology

Bob Blaisdell, ‎Robert Blaisdell – 2001 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Works by more than 60 Irish poets, from 18th century to modern times, include “Stella’s Birthday” by Swift; Goldsmith’s “Stanzas on Woman”; “The Harp that Once Through Tara’s Halls” by Moore; Allingham’s “The Fairies”; Yeats’s “To the Rose …

Emily Dickinson: A Poet’s Grammar

Traces the roots of Dickinson’s unusual, compressed, ungrammatical, and richly ambiguous style of poetry.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, Khayyam as a poet possesses a singular originality.

Dante Philomythes and Philosopher: Man in the Cosmos

This book is devoted to a full and lucid exposition of Boyde’s ideas.

Friedrich Schiller: Crime, Aesthetics, and the Poetics of …

Foremost among these texts are Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange and Stanley Kubrick’s film of that novel.

The Captain’s Verses

The Captain’s Verses was first published anonymously in 1952, some years before Neruda married Matilde Urrutia – the one with “the fire / of an unchained meteor” – to whom he had addressed these poems of love, ecstasy, devotion, and fury.

A New Selected Poems

So many things that happen here are really little more, if even that, than a scratch, too.

Reading Adrienne Rich: Reviews and Re-visions, 1951-81

Gathers reviews and essays which examine Rich’s poetry and prose and looks at how critical opinion about her works has changed

Keat’s Paradise Lost

Beth Lau, ‎John Keats – 1998 – ‎Vista previa

“–Greg Kucich, University of Notre Dame This edition and analysis of John Keats’s marginalia in his personal copy of Milton’s epic poem makes available for the first time all of Keats’s Paradise Lost annotations and textual markings.

The Time of the Assasins: A Study of Rimbaud

Henry Miller – 1956 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

The social function of the creative personality is a recurrent theme with Henry Miller, and this book is perhaps his most poignant and concentrated analysis of the artist’s dilemma.

Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings by Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono – 1970 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Originally published in 1970, “Grapefruit” remains one of the icons of a generation, with a mixture of poetic verse, drawings, mock questionnaires, and more. Line drawings.

Time for Poetry: A Workshop Approach for CXC

2000 – ‎Vista previa

This popular text helps students develop and practise the wide range of poetry criticism skills demanded by the CXC English syllabuses. There are three secti

Fleurs Du Mal, Les

Charles P. Baudelaire – 1983 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Presents the first American translation of the complete text of Baudelaire’s 1857 masterwork and includes the complete original French texts for easy comparison

Passion Made Public: Elizabethan Lyric, Gender, and …

Passion Made Public explores the remarkable vitality of lyrical poetry in Elizabethan theatrical performances, analyzing its complex social and aesthetic origins, uses, and messages.

Flowers of a Moment: Poems

Ŭn Ko – 2006 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

180 brief zen poems from Korea’s most beloved poet and four-time Nobel Prize nominee.

The Rehabilitation of Myth: Vico’s ‘New Science’

Joseph Mali – 2002 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

In this important essay, Joseph Mali argues that Vico’s New Science must be interpreted according to Vico’s own clues and rules of interpretation, principally his claim that the ‘master-key’ of his New Science is the discovery of myth.

Sheba’s Daughters: Whitening and Demonizing the Saracen …

First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Dante’s Inferno: The Indiana Critical Edition

Presents a verse translation of Dante’s “Inferno” along with ten essays that analyze the different interpretations of the first canticle of the “Divine Comedy.”

Women’s Poetry

Jo Gill – 2007 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

This guide examines the production and reception of poetry by a range of women writers – predominantly although not exclusively writing in English – from Sappho through Anne Bradstreet and Emily Bronte to Sylvia Plath, Eavan Boland and …

Heidegger, Hölderlin, and the Subject of Poetic Language: …

Gosetti-Ferencei argues that Heidegger has overlooked central elements in Hlderlin’s poetics, such as a Kantian understanding of aesthetic subjectivity and a commitment to Enlightenment ideals.

Human Vices And Human Worth in Dante’s Comedy

Boyde sheds light on Dante’s Comedy by restoring it to its intellectual and literary context.

Confucius to Cummings: An Anthology of Poetry

Nearly a hundred poets are represented, a number of them in Pound’s translations, with emphasis on the Greek, Latin, Chinese, Troubadour, Renaissance, and Elizabethan poets.

On Gwendolyn Brooks: Reliant Contemplation

A reassessment of the art and achievements of the first black author to win the Pulitzer Prize

Selected Poems Sexton Pb Reissue

This selection, which is drawn from Anne Sexton’s ten published volumes of poems as well as from representative early and last work, is an ideal introduction to a great American poet.

Byron: The Erotic Liberal

Byron: The Erotic Liberal explores the relationship between Byron’s erotic life and his political commitments, placing his poetry in the context of the work of other aristocratic liberals such as Madame de Stael.

Words and Music in the Middle Ages: Song, Narrative, Dance …

This book examines the relation of words and music in England and France during the three centuries following the Norman Conquest.

The Epic of Gilgamesh

— 15 original woodcut illustrations — 18 photographs of ancient artifacts This edition aims to reanimate the story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu for modern readers.

William Blake

A critical introduction to William Blake’s poetry that gives careful consideration to the longer prophetic works.

Wordsworth’s Second Nature: A Study of the Poetry and Politics

Combining careful interpretive analysis with wide-ranging historical scholarship, Chandler presents a challenging new account of the political views implicit in Wordsworth’s major works.


Allen Mandelbaum, ‎Anthony Oldcorn, ‎Charles Stanley Ross – 1998 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

” Charles Simic called the work “a miracle. A lesson in the art of translation and a model (an encyclopedia) for poets. The full range and richness of American English is displayed as perhaps never before.

The Whitsun Weddings

This collection, first published in 1967, contains many of his best-loved poems, including The Whitsun Weddings, An Arundel Tomb, Days, Mr Bleaney and MCMXIV.

Practical Stylistics: An Approach to Poetry

This book takes a particular perspective on the nature of poetry and follows this through to proposals for teaching.

The Ideology of Imagination: Subject and Society in the …

Forest Pyle – 1997 – ‎Vista previa – ‎Más ediciones

Exploring how the concept of the imagination is figured in some principal texts of English Romanticism, this book convincingly argues that this figuring is a deeply ideological activity which reveals important social and political …

Selected poetry

This volume contains the astounding successes, the guidance and none of the failures.

Pictures from Brueghel: And Other Poems

A collection of poems written between 1950 and 1962 by the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, including the complete texts of two earlier volumes, as well as a selection of previously uncollected works.

Beyond Anger: A Study of Juvenal’s Third Book of Satires

Susan H. Braund, ‎Cambridge University Press – 2007 – ‎Vista previa

Dr Braund pays particular attention to the satiric techniques Juvenal employs in this book, arguing that in Book III Juvenal uses a new, ironic persona, which makes his satire more indirect, subtle and double-edged than does the angry …

Word of Mouth: Poems Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

Quincy Troupe • Czeslaw Milosz • Campbell McGrath • C.D. Wright • Jack Gilbert • Heather McHugh • David Lehman • Wang Ping • Joseph Brodsky • Paul Beatty • Lorna Dee Cervantes • Paul Muldoon • Lucille Clifton • …

Baudelaire: Collected Essays, 1953-1988

This book of linked essays contains the first critical study of Baudelaire’s development as a poet, from his youth onward.

Haunted English: The Celtic Fringe, the British Empire, …

Haunted English explores the role of language in colonization and decolonization by examining how Anglo-Celtic modernists W. B. Yeats, Hugh MacDiarmid, and Marianne Moore “de-Anglicize” their literary vernaculars.

Horace, The Odes: New Translations by Contemporary Poets

“J. D. McClatchy’s extraordinary collection gives us the richest version of Horace’s odes ever made available in English.”–Harold Bloom”This is an invigorating book.


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